All roads lead to rome, but only few to SEO wisdom

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June 24, 2017
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All roads lead to rome, but only few to SEO wisdom

While there are more places sharing SEO related content that I could possibly count, the ones who share actual wisdom are hard to come by. Afterall, researching the algorithm of mighty google is a messy task, with many unknown variables impeding our ability to find out not just correlations but actual causations. Furthermore, scientific values are a rare sight in marketing related areas, so it comes to no surprise that a lot of "research" arrives at broad conclusions despite incomplete data or a lack of analytical skills.

If you want to perform well in SEO, then it quickly becomes apparent that learning about it is a never ending task. Thus we have to properly juggle our time between actual work and keeping up or surpassing competitors in knowledge and its application. However, with a complete overload of available resources, it's no wonder that many clients have to suffer from "SEO professionals" who work with outdated or outright false assumptions. The results are unhappy clients with growing distrust in SEO in general.

Although I'm certainly not the arbiter of SEO wisdom, the many years I've worked in the industry coupled with a strong personal interest in critical thinking has helped me separate the good from the bad. Therefore, I decided to share these SEO resources with everyone, which are some of the best you could learn from. Afterall, you shouldn't learn from a "Nero" of SEO, but instead take the time to find the equivalents of "Marcus Aurelius".

There might be someone missing whom you cherish. I'd greatly appreciate if you let me know about anyone I've missed in the comments. If they hold up to my standards, I might add them later on or even write another article if many valid suggestions are made.

Well, here it goes...


Most of you probably know Ahrefs already, but I couldn't make this list without them. I've learned a great deal not only from reading articles on their blog, but also by using their service. Backlinks are the greatest factor for ranking in google, so it comes to no surprise that someone who mines valuable data about them is an excellent source of knowledge. If I had to choose just one article you should read from them, it'd be their "How to learn SEO" post Cody West wrote not long ago.


Another resource you might already know, but which has to be mentioned in such a list. MOZ share not only great content on their blog, but also their learning section. If you want to improve your skills for local SEO, then they're most likely one of the best sources you could learn from. However, they're also excellent at getting at the core of certain topics, as is perfectly exemplified by this article about "Searcher Task Accomplishment" from Rand Fishkin.


You probably have realized a pattern by now. I tend to recommend blogs of seo services who specialize in mining valuable data, and that shouldn't surprise anyone considering that a strong conclusion in SEO always requires solid evidence. SEMrush is another excellent source of information on SEO, not just via their service, but also their blog. If you'd only read one piece of content they provice, I suggest you look at their article about semantic search and content marketing. After that, I want you to reconsider reading only one piece, and look at their 2017 Ranking Factors Study. You might be surprised; I certainly was.

Cognitive SEO Blog

While Cognitive SEO might not be as well known as my previous mentions, they easily keep up with the quality of their giant peers. They also have excellent tools for SEO to offer, and thus have valuable datasets to work with. Especially their Case Studies have been proven to provide immense value to learn SEO and many other marketing related topics which you have to become accustomed to. By far my favourite article has to be Razvan Gavrilas' "40 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics and Techniques in 2017", which gives the most comprehensive overview of effective strategies I've seen so far. I've read it twice, and you should too.

Gotch SEO Blog

I've discovered Gotch SEO a few months ago when researching the actual value of creating a PBN, and I'm glad I did. Nathan Gotch, the founder of shares some excellent insights into SEO, especially when it comes to providing actual value to clients. His insights speak volumes about his experience in the SEO world, and it's clear that he knows all the different facets. I especially like his sober look at ROI in terms of SEO, which is a touchy area for most. Also, if you're looking to invest money to attain SEO knowledge, his White Hat SEO Academy is highly recommended.

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